The Living Lab has opened to the public! The opening event, that took place at May, 25h started at school No 35 with a short presentation of the goals, methods and programme of the project. After a walk around the neighborhood we continued the discussion at our field office. Thanks a lot, to the residents of Block VI who joined the meeting and to Irakli Tsereteli, Department of Environment and Green Spaces, Nino Natelashvili, Vake Unit district representative, Anke Derichs and Elena Dajarnaja, GIZ and Beka Kakabadze from City Hall!
After intensive period of preparation the Living Lab „The Green Superblock“ has been launched on May 25th. As we see it as crucial to the success of the lab to link all of our activities to the municipality, NGOs and other planners, we were thrilled to see that many have followed our invitation. We discussed the intended programme as well further collaboration with members from city hall, the district administration and the environmental department and GIZ. The superblock as a planning instrument for a solid sustainable development is binding our efforts for a future ready district together.
But most of all we were thrilled about the first discussions with you, the inhabitants from Block #6. Despite the rain pouring down on us you walked with us through your neighborhood. You showed us places you liked but also situations that need attention and maybe should be changed. We are looking forward to many further input from you and to further strengthen citizen participation and bottom up planning with your knowledge and expertise.
Finally our opening event ended in our field office. While enjoying some snacks and drinks we were able to deepen our discussion and escape the rain. In the upcoming weeks and month we will host further events like round table discussions, walks through the neighborhood and drawing workshops for kids.Come and join our efforts to strengthen your wonderful neighborhood. Let us create the first green superblock in Tbilisi as an example for another neighborhoods to follow in Tbilisi, Georgia and around the world!